Whale Shark excitement on the Kona Coast

by B. N. Sullivan

In late February we posted an article about Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus), with a video to illustrate. That video was shot at Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. We now direct your attention to another Whale Shark video, shot a year ago on the Kona coast of Hawaii.

YouTube user dolphinmind, who posted this video of some very happy snorkelers' encounter with the Whale Shark, said:
A great day of Kona Coast snorkeling on Hula Kai turned unforgettable by an extremely rare 40 foot long whale shark encounter... Folks...no special effects or editing on this video...it's REAL. ...
Yep, and it's REAL BIG!

If the video does not display or play properly above, click here to view it on YouTube.


  1. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  2. Oh, wow, it's the Easter Shark!

    Seriously, though, looks like great fun.

  3. Wow! Simply put, I would be scared to death being in the water with something so big. It did look very curious though in a gentle sort of way.

  4. Mahalo Bobbie for displaying this youtube video about the encounter with a Whale Shark on the
    'Fairwind' in Kona.

    I had not come across it till now. You always 'dig up' some special photos or videos!

    What an experience for all the snorkelers in the water! They will never forget this special whale encounter. Honestly, I would have freaked out suddenly facing this huge ocean creature coming out of nowhere!

    Aloha Pua
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