Caribbean Brown Tube Sponge (Agelas conifera)

Agelas conifera

by B. N. Sullivan

This Brown Tube Sponge (Agelas conifera) is a fairly common sight on walls and reef canyons in the Caribbean region, and the Bahamas.  The tubes, which reach a length of 30 to 90 cm (about one to three feet), grow in clusters from a common base.

This sponge likes deep water, so you are not likely to see it on shallow reefs.  It prefers depths below 10 meters (30 ft), and we have seen the species at depths greater than 30 meters (100 ft), especially at places like Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman Island.  That's where I photographed the example above.


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  2. Funky looking sponge. They all kinda are, however.

  3. Great photo!
    The video with the whale shark is amazing!!!

  4. Looks like a bunch of corn dogs.

  5. The most fascinating creatures in the world are found under the sea. They are so diverse! And when I say diverse, I mean some are beautiful, and some are ugly.

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