Video: Making of 'The Abyss'

One of our favorite sci-fi movies is The Abyss. This video gives an idea of why the film became known in the industry as "the toughest shoot in film history." The video runs for nearly 10 minutes -- much longer than the videos we usually post here on The Right Blue -- but it is both entertaining and informative, and we think it's worth the time it takes to watch.

If the video does not play or display properly above, click here to view it on YouTube.


  1. What a crazy shoot. The amount of effort it took is astounding. I never heard of this movie before, but the plot sounds very interesting. I wil have to check it out.

  2. You've never heard of The Abyss? Scienceguy, you're making us feel really old! :-D

    Do check it out. We bet you'll like it. (Just remember it's science fiction!)



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