Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) at a cleaning station in Hawaii

Look what Jerry found on Google Earth!

We have mentioned cleaning stations in several of our blog posts. Here is a short video of a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) being 'serviced' at a turtle cleaning station on the Big Island's Kona Coast. Visits to these cleaning stations are the turtle version of going to a beauty salon for a spa treatment. The turtle looks like she's saying, "Ahhh" -- don't you think?

If the video does not play or display properly above, click here to view it on YouTube.


  1. He certainly seems relaxed! And who wouldn't be with that royal treatment.

  2. Sometimes a turtle will sit still for a half hour or more while the fish work on it. They really do seem to like it.


  3. What a marvelous video. That turtle definately is enjoying the spa treatment.


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