The Right Blue: Nominated for a Blogger's Choice Award

This site was nominated for Best Photography Blog

A regular reader of The Right Blue, Jenn Thorson, has nominated us for a 2009 Blogger's Choice Award. The nomination came as a complete surprise to us, and we are very honored that Jenn thought enough of The Right Blue and Bobbie's underwater photography to nominate our blog in the Best Photography Blog category.

We have never before been nominated for a competitive award, and to be honest, we're not quite sure how it all works. But, we'll put the clickable badge on our sidebar and see what happens! If you do like The Right Blue -- and especially the photography -- we hope you will vote for us.

We already have thanked Jenn Thorson privately for the nomination, but now we'd like to say it publicly as well: Thank you, Jenn. You couldn't have given us a better surprise. We are very touched.


  1. My vote is in! Congratulation!!

  2. First it's the Bloggers Choice Awards!!!

    Now its the FBI!


  3. Congratulations on your nomination. I'm happy to vote for you.

  4. Thank you, Kathy and George. We appreciate your votes.

    @Damon We're delighted to be added to the FBI Blogs group.

    For our readers who may not know FBI Blogs -- 'FBI' stands for From Big Island. That's us! -- from the Big Island of Hawaii. ;-}

    I'll do a post to announce our participation in FBI Blogs later today.


  5. Congratulations on your nomination! I just signed up for an account so that I could vote for you.

  6. You got my vote! Congratulations.


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