Big News: The Right Blue Joins FBI Bloggers (no, really!)

FBI BloggersEarlier this week we were invited to join FBI Bloggers, and we gladly agreed to become a part of the team. No, not that government organization. FBI in this case stands for 'From Big Island' -- that is, the Big Island of Hawaii, our home.

FBI: From Big Island. That's us!

Awhile back, Big Island blogger Damon Tucker decided to create a website to gather "the Big Island's best blogs" into one location. FBI Blogs is that website.

What a great idea: all of the Big Island's top blogs in one place -- a microcosm of great blog content (and ad-free). As Damon says, "The FBI site is not designed to make money or do anything except to showcase our blogs from the Big Island."

We're very proud and honored that The Right Blue is part of this very special, very talented blogging community. We invite all of our readers to visit FBI Blogs and enjoy the wonderful and diverse content produced by the writers and photographers who are FBI bloggers. If you like what you see, bookmark the site, or subscribe to the RSS feed.


  1. Thanks for the write up.

    If any of your readers are on the Big Island and they have a blog that is kept up as often as yours, feel free to let me know about them as the FBI Blogs is always looking for a few good Bloggers.

    I really dig your blog.

  2. Thanks Damon. We're so proud of being FBI Bloggers.


    Bobbie & Jerry

  3. That's wonderful. Congratulations!


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