Underwater boogie

If you think that all divers do underwater is swim around and watch pretty fishies, think again. Check out this video of divers Doug Silton and Dax Hock demonstrating their underwater dancing prowess. Not everyone can do the Shim Sham and the Lindy Hop 22 meters below the surface!

(If the video does not display or play properly above, click here to watch Doug and Dax on YouTube.)

The video of Doug and Dax was shot while they were on vacation last year at Ko Tao, Thailand. Thanks so much to DougSilton for posting this terrific video on YouTube for all of us to enjoy. How about a nice round of applause for Doug and Dax!

[Tip of the hat to Craig McClain for posting the video on his blog, Deep Sea News, which is where we first saw it.]


  1. Now that's talent! :)

    Maybe the Olympic committees should consider switching out synchronized swimming for underwater dancing. Or Dancing with the Stars should be dropped for Dancing in Dan Le Mer. :-)

  2. aloha bobbie,
    to be honest just the idea of scuba diving gets me freaked out - i am a happy snorkeler! - not to mention an underwater boogie like that! thanks for finding that in youtube. this made my day!
    mahalo, pua

  3. @ Sheila

    I hadn't thought of it that way until you mentioned it, but you are right -- this is a whole new version of 'synchronized swimming' and it certainly would be an interesting Olympic event!

    @ Pua

    Imagine snorkeling over a sandy patch and seeing something like that dance going on below you!


  4. That is for sure the best underwater dancing ever! LOL

  5. Hi Mon@rch. Yes, we think so, too.

    Bobbie & Jerry


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