A Right Blue thank you to our virtual friends

Coral reef scene, Sipadan, MalaysiaThis blog, The Right Blue, is three months old today. The growth of this project since its launch in mid-July has greatly exceeded our expectations on every measure.

At the time we launched The Right Blue, we imagined that the project would be of interest mainly to our family, and our old friends and dive pals. We hoped that perhaps a few other divers and photographers also might find The Right Blue and enjoy it, but we really didn't expect the reach to be very wide.

Much to our amazement and delight, The Right Blue quickly attracted many visitors beyond our circle of family and friends, and it turns out that a large percentage of those visitors return again and again. We know this not only from our traffic statistics, but because they give us feedback via comments on individual posts and on our contact form. A substantial number have subscribed to our RSS feed. They like The Right Blue!

Among those regular visitors are some fellow bloggers, none of whom we have ever met in person, and most of whom are not divers! They became virtual friends and supporters who have encouraged us and helped spread the word about our project by linking to us, submitting our posts to social bookmarking sites, and writing unsolicited reviews of The Right Blue. (Click here for a list of those who have linked to us.)

Today we'd like to acknowledge these friends who have helped make The Right Blue such a success in just three months time. In particular, we thank Brian (Apathetic Lemming of the North), Marisa (Marisa's Dandelion Patch), and Charley (Planet Kauai) for writing very kind reviews of The Right Blue in their blogs. Mike (Reality Is Over Rated) specifically praised The Right Blue in a discussion thread on Blog Catalog. Jim and Em at GO! Smell the flowers not only wrote a review of The Right Blue, but invited us to participate by replying to the many comments to their article about diving.

We thank Evelyn (Homespun Honolulu) for including a post from The Right Blue in the Blog Carnival of Aloha. Pua at the Best Hawaii Vacation Blog asked us to write a guest post about diving in Hawaii, which was published yesterday.

The members of the Photography Group at Blog Catalog also have been particularly supportive and encouraging, and Wordless Wednesday participants have visited The Right Blue in droves.

Thank you all so much. We truly appreciate your support and we hope you continue to enjoy the stories and photos of The Right Blue.


  1. Congratulations on your blog!

    It is taking bloggers to 'new depths' :0)

    Keep up the great work,

    From your Dubai based pals,

    GO! Smell the flowers - while you still can!

  2. Congratulations on three months! Most blogs don't get beyond three days, so you should be proud! Your photography and accompanying narratives are what make people return. Few people see what you do, and those that do see it don't record it as well as you do. Keep up the outstanding work! :D

  3. I'm up! What a pleasant surprise on a Monday morning! Of course you know I feel that the thanks goes to you! Traveling around with you is a great thing - either by airplane or by turtle! We can always pick our pace from the best of both worlds! :) Thank you for a lovely good morning!

  4. @ Jim and Em (the flowers!)

    "...taking bloggers to 'new depths'" made me chuckle. Thanks.

    @ Pete

    Thank you. Yes, one of our motivations for this project was to show what we've seen in the ocean to other people who never had the opportunity to see it.

    @ Evelyn

    Maybe the title of the photo should be "Blue Monday." Aloha to you over in Honolulu.


  5. You just can't keep gorgeous pictures and great writing a secret for long.

  6. Hi Charley -

    Aloha to you there on Kauai. Thank you for helping to make sure the secret was not kept!


  7. Much mahalos Bobbie for your guest post on our Best Hawaii Vacation blog. For so many people, their visit to Hawaii includes on the top of their things to do snorkeling and scuba diving. Your great tips and amazing photos will help them to discover and enjoy the secrets of the ocean. I am sure this guest posts will draw many more visitors to your blog. I am loving it...Pua

  8. Thank you, Pua. I hope it brings you some search traffic!

    In case anyone missed it, here's a link to the guest post I did for Pua's blog:

    for snorkeling and diving in Hawaii


  9. Your photography is so beautiful, how can one NOT return?!

  10. ank you AntiBarbie. We're glad to see you visit here again.

    Bobbie & Jerry


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