Hymn to the Sea

If the video does not play or display properly above, click here to view it on YouTube.
Hat tip to Tony Berkman at FriedEggs.com, which is where I first saw this video.


  1. Aloha Bobbie and Jerry,
    What a wonderful video and great idea to share with all us ocean lovers!

    I was surprised though that you did not receive comments on it yet especially with regards to the catastrophic oil spill which is threatening this unique ocean life environment on a huge scale!

    What can be done to prevent those 'accidents' in the future and take care of the current one?

  2. Wow what a great video with a cool ending, and the music just made
    it so relaxing. Thanks for sharing this John

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  4. Great video, keep up this great blogg

  5. Omg omg omg. i could CRY. i have been in love with the titanic since i was born, i SWEAAAR. & i Do cry everytime i watch it. which is every FRIDAY. <3


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