Sharing Aloha: Hawaii in the spotlight

by B. N. Sullivan

Our blogger friend Evelyn over at Homespun Honolulu regularly hosts the Carnival of Aloha -- a blog carnival celebrating all things Hawaiian.  The theme of the current edition is Preservation and a lot of Aloha, and it is well worth reading.

Topics in the current Carnival of Aloha are diverse, ranging from a thoughtful (and thought-provoking) piece about a visit to an ancient Hawaiian heiau on the Big Island, to reminiscences about a romantic visit to the island of Lanai, to an item about the pineapple fields on Maui.  There are several articles about Hawaiian real estate, including one on the current residential market, another on the foreclosure of Hawaii Raceway Park on Oahu, and an article that describes the home in Kailua used by President Obama's family for their vacations in Hawaii -- with photos of the home's stunning interior and grounds.  (Don't miss that one!)

And yes, our article about the new Hawaii  Marine Debris Action Plan is included, too.

We think there is much in the current Carnival of Aloha that will be of interest to readers of The Right Blue, so we invite you to visit: Preservation and Lots of Aloha Create an Interesting Carnival

One more thing -- speaking of interesting blogs about Hawaii.  We spotted a story about an encounter with dolphins in the wild that we know readers of The Right Blue will enjoy and relate to.   It's a guest post by Lisa Weber on Pua and Keoki's Best Hawaii Vacation blog:  Kayaking with Dolphins, On Their Terms - A Big Island of Hawaii Story


  1. aloha, thanks for posting this i'm glad that theres finally a hawaii meme out there which i've always wanted to join, i'll make sure to take part next month.

  2. Yep, thanks for this post. I find the links real useful.

    Ahhh Hawaii, so near (I'm in the Philippines involved in a dive resort) and yet so far!

    I may not be able to take part in anything Aloha next month like noel, but I sure will soon enough.

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