Bet you can't eat the whole thing!

Chromodoris quadricolor

What: A Striped Pajama nudibranch (Chromodoris quadricolor) browsing on a brightly colored sponge (Negombata sp.), which is the favorite food of this nudibranch species.

Where: I photographed this nudibranch in the Red Sea, at Tiran Island.


  1. Is that what happened at that little circle below the nudibrach?

  2. You're absolutely right, Bobbie, a day without nudibranchs is like a day without sunshine.

  3. @ scienceguy - No that 'circle' is not damage from the feeding nudibranch, it is a natural opening in the sponge that facilitates nutrition and respiration.

    @ lavenderbay - Hello, my friend. So glad to see you pop up after all these months and to know you are well. I left a message on your blog.



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