Seeing stars: Linckia multifora

Sea Star (Linckia multifora)

What: Sea star (Linckia multifora), family Ophidiasteridae. Common names include: Spotted Linckia; Multi-pore Sea Star; Multicolor Sea Star.

Members of this genus have cylindrically shaped rays, and skin that has a rough, granular surface.
They come in a variety of colors.

Where: I photographed this sea star on a reef at Bunaken Marine Park, Indonesia.


  1. Personally I think of Linckia as "Play-Doh stars", particularly the common green Linckia guildingi found on Kohala reefs. The colors and shapes just look like something created by a five year old.

  2. I don't think I have ever seen an animal with that shade of purple before! It looks like it also only has for legs, though on closer examination I think two are just very close together?

  3. What a colour! Someone is not afraid of being eaten.

  4. What a beautiful color! I didn't think stars came in different colors.


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