Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle at Honaunau Bay, Hawaii

by B. N. Sullivan

Here is a large image of a Hawaiian Green sea turtle (Chelonia midas) -- posted back-to-back with our previous post of a Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), so that our readers can compare the features of the two species. Like the Hawksbill in the previous photo, this Hawaiian Green also was photographed at Honaunau Bay on the southeastern coast of Hawaii's Big Island, however the photos were taken on different days.


  1. What a beauty! We saw plenty of the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles when visiting the City of Refuge and Honaunau Bay for snorkeling.

    We warmly recommend our Big Island visitors not to forget their snorkel gear when visiting the City of Refuge, south of Kona. Great day of fun, learning about Hawaiian traditions and encounter best Hawaii's marine life!

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