Crinoids, fish faces and backscatter - oh my!

CrinoidsBobbie has been busy over at PhotoSynthesis this past week, posting close-up protraits of Wrasses, showing and writing about Crinoids, and suggesting ways for underwater photographers to cope with the problem of backscatter.

What's backscatter, you ask? It's the stuff that all too frequently spoils underwater photos that were taken in water that's not exactly clear. For an explanation, check out Backscatter: The bane of underwater photography, in which Bobbie holds forth about matters of physics and light, but also includes a handful of really nice critter photos.

The photo on this page shows some Crinoids on a reef in the Celebes Sea. Remember them? Long time readers may recall that Bobbie wrote about Crinoids -- also known as Feather Stars -- here on The Right Blue more than a year ago. This week she wrote about Crinoids on PhotoSynthesis, so if you find these Echinoderms interesting, or you like to see pictures of them (including some pretty amazing macros), check out Getting to know crinoids through close-up photography, and then Crinoids on the night shift. (Yep, a two-parter.)

And finally, do have a look at Hello, Fish Face -- four in-your-face close-ups of pretty fishies from the Wrasse family.


  1. The first time I heard of a "krynoid" was when one turned up as the villain in an episode of Doctor Who. Imagine my surprise when I learned that there really was such a thing (albeit non-hostile and spelled differently).

  2. This is a great site that you have here. I have a sports blog myself and I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know if this is possible. Jason

  3. Great image and info, thanks for sharing !!

  4. @ Dennis - See? You just never know!

    @ Jason - Thank you. We do sometimes link to other sites that share a common interest, but we don't do link exchanges, per se.

    @ Bernie - Thank you. Nice to 'see' you again. ;-}


  5. VERY cool site!! Wonderful pictures-thank you so much-made my day! It's great to see when you can't be there yourself! Francis


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