That's not a plastic bag, it's a Comb Jelly!

What: Comb Jelly - unidentified species,
but our best guess is that it belongs to the genus Beroe

Where: I took this photo of Jerry and the Comb Jelly
while diving off the coast of Puako, Hawaii.

Can you think of a good caption for this photo? Tell us in the Comments.

Comb Jelly
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  1. That's an awseome photo, I was stung by a man of war and they scare me now, all jelly fish species that is

  2. Ha ha! It does look like a plastic bag. :D

  3. A man with a jelly! the only thing I can think about at the moment :))

  4. Great shot! I like the look in Jerry's eyes. He looks very surprised.
    The jelly almost doesn't look real. I don't think I knew this kind existed.
    I thought it looked like a liter bottle with the top half cut off.
    I'm not quick enough to think of a caption. I'm coming back to see who comes up with something. :)
    My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

  5. How cool..Ive never seen one of those. Even on a nature show. You really do live in paradise:) Happy WW my friend.

  6. This is my first visit to your bog and I'm just flabbergasted! I would have guessed initially that it was a plastic bag too!

  7. I am happy that it is not a plastic bag.... Our oceans are littered enough!

    Beautiful photo...

  8. Is that a plastic bag? What the heck is that? Is it alive?

  9. It does look like a plastic bag. Don't marine predators often mistake bags for jellies and swallow them?

  10. I can't think of a caption one, but Hawaii - Mmmm! Very nice!

  11. I don't have a caption, Bobbie - but what a photo! Did you crop it like that or was this how you took it?

    Whichever - it's just perfect! What an expression - and of course the jellyfish is very unique too.

    Look forward to seeing what other readers come up with.

  12. Hi can I celebrate World Ocean Day today? with my watery post.

    Nice blog. I like all your photos.

  13. "A comb. I knew I'd forgotten something this morning."

  14. UFO 11 o'clock high!!!

    What a wonderful photo.. how you managed to get both your friend and the jelly in focus.

  15. I can't think of a caption but I was thinking that it rather looks like an empty thought bubble.

  16. It looks for all the world like a capsicum toprpedo. Great shot.

  17. fAmazing creature.Does it have eyes? I've never heard of a Comb Jelly.

    How many combs could a Comb Jelly carry, if a Comb Jelly could carry combs?

  18. It certainly looks like a piece of debris. Are they particularly dangerous compared to other jellies?

  19. New Ocean Species discovered - Clear Pepper Giant

    How about that title?

    Best Hawaii Vacation

  20. "The Comb Jelly's mystery world" or "The friendship between a Comb Jelly and a man".
    The photo is fantastic.

  21. Thanks everyone. I guess this one was a hard one to caption, but I do like some of your attempts.

    @Dennis - yes, unfortunately real plastic bags are sometimes swallowed by marine creatures, possibly because they are mistaken for something like this comb jelly. Unfortunately, animals that ingest plastic bags usually die as a result. The plastic bag blocks their digestive system.

    @Marie - Welcome to The Right Blue. We hope you come back.

    @Kathy - Thanks. I did crop a bit of 'extra' blue off the sides, but otherwise the image on the original transparency was as you see it. I thought I had more of Jerry's face in the frame -- guess I should have shot from a little farther away.

    To those who asked if these jellies can sting: comb jellies belong to a different phylum than the jellies most frequently associated with stinging. Note that the one in the photo has no trailing tentacles.


  22. The photo is amazing. how did you get that crisp of a picture underwater. Love the title too.


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