Search me! (The Google Search Meme)

Two-bar Anemonefish (Amphiprion bicinctus)A few days ago, Rick, over at Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice & Sunsets, came up with a game based on Google search.

It goes like this:
Open-up a browser window to Google and enter a string of words (that are NOT your blog title) that still delivers your blog as the top-ranked search result.
Rick had so much fun with this, he decided to turn it into a meme. He tagged Eric at The Other 95%, and then Eric tagged us.

Now, to be honest, we're not particularly fond of most memes. We usually cringe when we are tagged and -- since we are salty ol' curmudgeons -- most often politely decline to play. This time we accepted, because this one really sounded like fun.

So then, here are a dozen terms that yield pages of The Right Blue in the number one spot on Google search results:
  1. Jerry dives
  2. clinging crab
  3. dainty bryozoans
  4. humpback jackknife
  5. lizardfish bling
  6. vocal visitations
  7. cross-eyed cone shell
  8. ninja divers express
  9. Puako petting zoo
  10. reef sexy stuff
  11. tiger shark landlord
  12. exotic underwater nudies
Note that when you search on 'exotic underwater nudies' Google coyly asks, "Did you mean exotic underwater nudes?" But of COURSE we didn't mean THAT!! What kind of blog does Google think we're running here?! There's nothing NSFW here on The Right Blue!

As Eric observed, "to be a meme it has to be self replicating" -- which means we now need to tag a few other bloggers. We hereby tag Andrew, Chris, Will, Sheila, and Lavenderbay to participate in this meme, if they would like to do so. And if any of our other readers would like to play, please do join in -- and tell us in the comments so that we all can visit your blogs and marvel at the amazing terms that bring you search traffic.

UPDATE Mar. 3, 2009:


  1. Gotta love the invert love in those results!

  2. It looks like the fish plays hide and seek with the photographer.

  3. @ Eric - That's right! Let's hear it for marine inverts!!

    @ Antigoni - That fish WAS playing hide and seek with the photographer.


  4. Interesting. Just outlawing the blog's title still makes it too easy. Probably 1/3 of my post titles will show as the 1st result. I also tried a few quoted words from within posts and was always the first result as long as I did not choose a common string of words.

    Maybe I'll try to see if I can come up number one just by using two words.

  5. Hi Will - Yes, we discovered the same thing with the titles of our posts. We, too, decided that was just too easy, so we tried for two- and three-word terms, just to make it more interesting. Let us know when you post yours.


  6. First of all that photo is gorgeous. Now as for this meme, my brain must be on vacation. I'll have to come back and read those instructions when I'm alert and responsive. LOL!

  7. Why am I always getting pulled into these contraptions? ;)

    I'll blame Andrew for this one!

  8. @ 2sweet - Try it! It's a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Let me know if you decide to do it, and I'll link to your response.

    @ damontucker - So Andrew tagged you, did he? I saw your post earlier today. Good job!


  9. That was fun! Looks like I ran out to try it without commenting, after I read your comments suggesting restrictions on the game.

  10. There's always a 'nude' search, isn't there. Thanks for the tag!


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