Copyright status of material on 'The Right Blue'

We get quite a few requests from other bloggers and website owners, asking if they can use some of our material. If you scroll down to our blog's footer, you will see that we publish The Right Blue under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 license. This means we allow others to use our material under certain conditions:
  • You may quote from our articles -- but not copy the whole thing -- so long as you attribute it to us and link back to The Right Blue (
  • You may post our photos on your personal, non-commercial website or blog, so long as you do not alter them or remove the copyright line that says (c), and you must link back to The Right Blue.
  • You may not use any of our material for commercial purposes, nor display it on a commercial website, without explicit permission from us.
What you see and read here is the product of decades of experience, thousands of dives, countless travel miles, and a lot of out-of-pocket expenditure over the years. It is with with pleasure that we share our photos, stories, and knowledge with our readers.

We own the copyright to all of the original photos and written material that appear in The Right Blue. Occasionally we publish a photo from elsewhere, or quote a paragraph or two that someone else has written, but we always indicate when photos or other material are not our original work, without exception, and attribute them to the original author or photographer. All we ask is that those who borrow our work do the same.


  1. This explanation is clearly stated and firm without being aggressive. Good job. I haven't thought about copyrighting my own work because I'm still at the stage where, if anyone stole my stuff, I'd probably feel flattered as much as anything. ;)

  2. you have some amazing photo's and other bloggers will thank you for such a wonderful gift!

  3. @ Lavender - Thanks very much. That's what I was aiming for (firm but not brutal) so I'm glad to know it came across that way.

    @ Monarch - Thank you. That's a very kind thing to say.


  4. Hi I am looking for a way to get permission to publish your photo of coral in the celebes sea in a children's science book JOURNEY INTO THE DEEP. please contact me at be happy to arrange payment etc.

    Julie Caruso


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