Sharks in The Right Blue

Whitetip Reef Shark (Triaenodon obesus)Judging from our traffic statistics, a lot of people look on the worldwide web for information about sharks and photos of these predator fish. The word 'shark' and phrases containing that word always are among the top keywords that bring search traffic to The Right Blue, month after month.

Here is a directory of articles about sharks in The Right Blue:

Here is a directory of shark photos in The Right Blue:

Shark videos on The Right Blue:
  • Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus), with divers at Christmas Island, Indian Ocean
  • Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus), with snorkelers on the Kona Coast of Hawaii


  1. I have seen sharks only in films, in theme parks and in documentaries. I haven't met any shark in person (thank God).

  2. Don't worry, Antigoni. All of the sharks on The RightBlue are friendly. ;-}


  3. Who doesn't like a good shark tale!

    I've got a fishy post today as well.

  4. Thanks for that info. That's a great shot of the shark. I can't imagine actually seeing one while swimming/diving.

  5. Sharks have a dark fascination. Beautiful and graceful but scary as heck.

    At least your most frequent hit is from something as innocuous as sharks. On my husband's blog (pictures taken by me) the most frequent hit from searches is "big balls" or "man with big balls" leading me to think there are a lot of sick people out there. There is nothing dirty about the picture however, just a tongue in cheek title.

  6. @ A Free Man - Well exactly! Who doesn't like a good shark tale. I'll have a look at your fishy post...

    @ 2Sweet - Thanks. To tell you the truth, we've had so many shark encounters by now that seeing one is not all that exciting -- all though always welcome.

    @ Shannon - Oh yes, I know what you mean. Awhile back Jerry came up with the idea to call our series about nudibranchs "Exotic Underwater Nudies" -- just being cute and playful. I want you to know that in no time flat, we started getting traffic from people searching on the word "nudies." And I'll bet they were surprised when they landed at our blog and saw sea slugs instead of nekkid ladies (or whatever). Kind of amusing to us.


  7. Sharks are my sons favorite Bobbie, especially the big boy, Great White !!!


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