What Brutus the Great Barracuda Saw

by B. N. Sullivan

In the previous post I wrote about a Great Barracuda named Brutus who liked to follow Jerry around the reef at Puako. If you read that post, you'll recall that after a few experiments, we concluded that the big fish actually was attracted to the yellow sleeves on Jerry's wetsuit, probably because the color stood out so well against the background, compared to the black and dark blue suits the other divers in our group were wearing.

Today I was looking through some recently scanned photos, and by chance I came across this nice shot of Jerry with a school of Horse-eye Jacks. I took it with natural light -- no flash -- at Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Looking first at the thumbnail, I thought, "This looks like a Right Blue photo." But when I enlarged it on my monitor, I knew instantly: "THIS is what Brutus saw!"

See what I mean? (Insert 'big grin' emoticon, heh heh.)

Horse-eye Jacks (Caranx latus)[Click on the photo to enlarge]


  1. OK I looked at that picture and thought of y'all being followed by Brutus and started to giggle. My husband had to come see what I thought was so funny. No wonder Brutus followed that wet suit.

  2. Heh, glad to know you 'got it', Shannon. I thought I heard someone giggling...


  3. The tailfins are about the same colour as the wetsuit sleeves -- is that it? Should you be calling Jerry "Jack" now?
    PS In my Tuesday entry, I chose John Denver's "Calypso" as your blog's theme song.

  4. Well, Lavender, what a nice surprise to click through to your Musical Interlude post this morning, and to see The Right Blue featured with such a great song as "Calypso" chosen as its theme. Thank you!

    Re the jacks, yes their tails are yellow, but they pale in comparison to the trim on Jerry's wetsuit. :-D

    We both love all the fish in the jacks family. Did you know that Jerry knows how to herd jacks??



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