Two Brief Announcements

E, for ExcellentWe have decided to make one short post with two brief announcements, sharing some Hawaii-grown news before we return to our series about diving in the early days.

Our first announcement is that The Right Blue has been rated E, for Excellent, thanks to a fellow blogger from Hawaii. "Mahalo nui loa" to Evelyn, of Homespun Honolulu, for nominating The Right Blue for this award.

We'd also like to invite the readers of The Right Blue to click over to our friends Pua and Keoki's blog, Best Hawaii Vacation, to read Bobbie's guest post, Tips for Watching Sea Turtles in Hawaii. Illustrating the article are two of Bobbie's sea turtle photos, both taken at Puako, Hawaii. (Regular readers of The Right Blue already know something about Puako's sea turtles. If you missed them, please read our stories about Myrtle the turtle and her friends at Puako.)


  1. Congraulations on the award (rating). You do have a great site! Bobbie - I enjoyed your article. I'd love to visit Hawaii someday. My dad was stationed there during WW2 and always wanted to go back but never got the chance. I'd love to do it for him. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Ann. I do hope you get to visit Hawaii one of these days.


  3. Congrats on the awards Bobbie, it is definitely deserved !!


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