About 'The Right Blue'

Jerry and BobbieThis is the story of our lifelong experience of the ocean. We have a strong affinity for the sea and everything in it and about it. Some might call this a passion or an obsession. We call it 'ocean devotion.'

Our most intimate association with the ocean has been as divers. We both have logged more than 2,000 dives -- and we reckon there were perhaps an additional hundred or so that were somehow left out of our logbooks over the years.

The Right Blue is, in part, a memoir of those thousands of dives -- with pictures! We'll recount some adventures we've had in the ocean, introduce you to many of the undersea creatures we've come to know, and we'll tell you some things we've learned about diving that are not taught in any certification course.

This blog is also part travelogue. We live in Hawaii, so more than half of our dives have been in our home waters. But in addition, we have traveled widely in order to sample the scenery beneath many of the tropical and semi-tropical seas around the globe. Everywhere we went, we kept notes and we took pictures. We'll share some of those here, too.

Finally, The Right Blue is a compendium of observations, quotations, facts and factoids about the ocean, and a repository for some diver memorabilia that we have collected over the years.

About the Title

'The Right Blue' refers to the goal of a lifelong pursuit. Sea water viewed from beneath the surface comes in many hues and shades. Surfers wait for the perfect wave; divers seek the right blue.

About the Authors

Our names are Bobbie and Jerry. We live on the Big Island of Hawaii. Most of the thousands of dives we have logged have been in each other's company.

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  1. Keep up the good work and the message! For the health of the oceans and our own. The oceans are the life blood of our planet.

  2. Hello Fabien,

    Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. Much appreciated.

    Bobbie and Jerry

  3. thank you for the undersea film I just watched... and this site dedicated to the undersea life.. reminding me of my many sweet dives off the big island, swimming with sea turtles, the first dive where i met the shark, and.. laying with eels on the bottom of the ocean off Maui.


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Bobbie & Jerry